File Share & Sync

Your data, on any device, up to date, anywhere in the world. Protected from Ransomware.

Dropbox for Business and Autotask Workplace are the best business grade file sharing systems available.


All your staff have all their essential data at any time they need it.

On any Device.

Your Business will be able to remove legacy servers and vpn logins.

You will also be able to securely share data with your suppliers and customers, preventing costly communication mistakes.

Backup & Recovery

Our lives and businesses are now recorded digitally. In order to protect this data, we backup locally and to the cloud.

Local backup is the quickest way to restore in the event of disaster. Your computer can be restored in 15 minutes.

Local backups are run daily, verified and emails sent in the event of errors.

In some circumstances however, ie fire or flooding, the local backup may be destroyed as well.

We therefore use cloud backup, recovery is slower, but provides an additional safety net.

Cloud backup also provides additional protection against the latest Ransomware.


We support both Windows and Mac computers. We also support mobile devices like ipads and iphones.

We’ll provide you with the Privacy, Protection and Backups you need to ensure your business is safe.

Any problems and we can remotely log in to your computer with your permission. If we can’t fix it remotely we can usually be on site within 24 hrs.

We can also provide you with the best pricing information for whatever equipment and or software you need.

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