In order to ensure your data integrity we combine Local backup which is stored on your premises and Cloud backup which is stored in a 3rd Party’s data centre.

We only use proven backup regimes that have stood the test of time and have proved their reliability.

We only use products that we use in our own business.

Local Backup

Local backup is used to backup your entire computer, this not only includes your data but also all your settings, programs and bookmarks.

Using local backups allow us to quickly recover data as well as go back in time to recover modified or deleted data.

This is extremely useful in the event your computer has been infected with ransomware.

We can go back to a time before the infection and update any changes since then from the cloud.


macrium-reseller-partner-MVPWe use Macrium Reflect for all types of users, residential and commercial. In over 4 years of implementation and recovery for our Clients, it has never let us down.


timemachineMac has a free built in backup software called Time Machine which is fine for residential use.

However I have seen instances where Time Machine has failed.

This means your cloud backup is essential if the local backup fails or is corrupted by ransomware.

carbon copy cloner_logo_large

For a more robust, commercial product I recommend Carbon Clone Copy.

Cloud Backup

There are over a hundred file sharing and backup providers offering their cloud services.

Every year we used to research the top 30 or so and produce a detailed comparison sheet.

Now we don’t. The reason?

The first question we ask them is: Do you offer 1 click restoration of all files?

If they answer “Yes”, then they get to the next stage of testing. If “No”, then we will not use them.

Why is this important? If you have thousands of files and photos etc that have been encrypted by the latest Ransomware, you will be faced with restoring these thousands of files one by one.

The services below allow you to restore all your files to just before the infection. This will save you days, if not weeks of recovery time.


Dropbox for Backup and Syncing. MozyHome for Backup

Commercial (backup and sync):


Dropbox for Business. Autotask Workplace File Sync and Share.

These commercial services have more features such as File Locking so users cannot overwrite each others files. They also have additional corporate features like remote data wipe, enhanced security and better support.

We’ll be able to determine the best fit for you.