We will help you protect your Privacy and your Data from those who would do you harm.


Every web site you visit, every phone call or text you make, is tracked.

Facebook, Google, Microsoft and many more Companies track you without your knowledge, or your explicit permission.

We are now seen as products to be monetised.

Increasingly our Privacy is being eroded by Governments, Corporations and Hackers.

We can show you how to reclaim your Privacy.

Secure Browsing

We use VPN services such as PIA to create a secure tunnel between you and your destination.


PIA do not track your browsing history, nor do they keep logs.

We can stop your privacy being eroded, by utilising private and encrypted messaging and emails.

Private Messaging

For private messaging we recommend Telegram, telegramwhich is highly secure and is not accessible by Governments.

Private Email

For private email we recommend ProtonMail which is based in Switzerland.


Please note that all these services are entirely legal in Australia.

Please also note that both the Secure Messaging and Email services above need ALL parties to be using them to be secure.

Data Protection

Every day thousands of new viruses, trojans and ransomware exploits are released into the wild.

To protect your data a multi-layered approch is required.

The first layer of this defence is to use anti-virus and anti-malware software that is constantly updated automatically.

We recommend the following:



For Anti-malware, MalwareBytes Premium.

This software catches all types of malware that anti-virus doesn’t including those annoying toolbars and search engines that infect our browsers.

We can show you how to get this as a lifetime subscription for a very reasonable fee.


For antivirus BitDefender is consistently top of expert reviews and recommendations. Plus, it doesn’t slow down your computer.

bitdefenderIt comes in 2 versions, free, which combined with Macrium Premium is fine for Residential users.

For Businesses we like BitDefender GravityZone.

Password Protection

For safeguarding your logins and passwords we recommend LastPass.

lastpass-logoYou can get the free version which is fine for computers. However if you want it on your mobile devices as well its $12 USD per year which is a great deal.