Computers and Networks

We can set up and configure your computers and other devices such as iPhones and iPads.

We can also set up networks and networked music like Sonos.

For your internet and wifi needs we provide best in class modems, routers and access points.


We prefer Dell and Toshiba for their next day on-premise repair service. This saves you a great deal of time and effort in getting your computer repaired.


We’ll protect your data and computer with cloud and local backup along with anti-virus and anti-malware software.


If you need Office software we’ll help you determine the best fit for you, either buying outright or as a subscription service.

We’ll also set up your email, whether it be Exchange, Google Apps or any other hosted email. We recommend Exchange for Businesses.


If you prefer Macs, we’ll set up backup through Timemachine or Carbon Cloner. We’ll also set up iCloud or Dropbox.

This allows all your data, photos and emails to be synced across all your apple devices.

Other Kit

iPhones and iPads can be set up exactly as you want.

Child Protection

For PCs, Macs and iDevices we can protect your children from the dangers of the Internet and Social Media.

We use built in age controls on the Mac and Kaspersky Safe Kids on PCs.


Sadly iDevices don’t have separate user accounts for creating children accounts. There are workarounds, but Apple want you to buy your little darlings a device each :).


Whether its networking an Office or setting up a Sonos music system in every room of your house, we’ll get you set up as quickly as possible.

Commercial Kit

We use the following kit which is Business Grade:

Sophos UTMs (Unified Threat Management) devices are Enterprise Grade Firewalls used to protect Organisations with up to 1,000s of users.

peplink_logoPeplink is used where you may require 2 or more internet connections to improve your Office connection speeds. It is also able to failover to 4G in emergencies.

It has full load balancing, failover and failback features. It just works, reliably and efficiently.

Draytek also produce fine equipment used for smaller Offices:

draytekLike the Peplink you can use 2 or more lines with load balancing and failover. Not quite as easy to configure or as flexible as the Peplink, but does have built in adsl/vdsl modems unlike the Peplink.

Residential/SOHO Offices

For modems, routers and access points we use Asus and Netgear.asus_logo


Both are very reliable and affordably priced.

Networked Music

The best music system is Sonos, beautifully crafted with great software for playback and control.


It’s expensive, but lasts forever with the software still controlling hardware built over 8 years ago.